It’s Been 24 Hours and She Hasn’t Texted Back, Now What?

I’m the prince of sending a text to a girl at 10pm and not getting a text for the rest of the night and then wondering the next day ‘did she fall asleep or did she look at her phone, see my text and then went back to doing more important things’. That’s the life I live. My hometown. Born and raised there.

If you ever need advice on what to do after you don’t get that text back, you’ve come to the right place. You’re currently talking to the mayor of ‘Wait, that was an awful text. There’s no way she’s going to answer that.’

First thing you have to do is look at the last text you sent. If you texted her a simple question like “what are you doing tonight?” or “Did you watch Game of Thrones last night?” and she doesn’t answer, you’re out buddy. Pains me to say but if homegirl doesn’t answer simple questions within 24 hours then she’s either in prison or texting someone that she actually likes. Sorry, guy.

So let’s say that’s not the case. You made a joke or something and you got no response from her. So what’s next? Time to research. You need to hop on Snapchat. If ya girl is out here posting Snapchat stories, yikes. It means one of two things. If she’s out having a dope night and have snaps are of her getting lit, you might still be in there. I know when I’m out sinning at night, I don’t answer texts. When I’m ‘turnt’ it’s like my phone isn’t capable of sending texts. I only have access¬†to Snapchat.

But if she hasn’t answered your texts and she posts a snap of like, her salad, you’re out. You’re a tool she uses from time to time when the other guys in her life are with the other girls in their life. But ultimately, you’re irrelevant to her.

But what if you go to Snapchat and it’s radio silence? I will never recommend double texting a young lady but if you are going to text her again, change the subject. If you texted her a lame ass joke that she didn’t respond, you do not double text her saying ‘did you get my last text?’ You shouldn’t even text her saying ‘what are you doing today?’ because if she wanted to tell you, she would’ve. My suggestion, ‘Did you see what Trump did now?’ is always a banger of a text.

If you double text and she doesn’t respond to that then yea, she can’t text you back because she’s too busy bouncing on some other dude’s dick. Sorry.


Here are some other quick tips for the people:

  • Assume every girl has her phone in her hands at all times. If she’s not answering, it’s on purpose.
  • Most girls you meet don’t like you. Go into every situation knowing that her mouth is stuffed with dicks already and there’s no room for another one and you won’t get your feelings hurt.
  • This is key: you’re not funny. She doesn’t think you’re funny. Move on.
  • She doesn’t care about your Youtube channel. In fact, no one does.



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Written by TheLesterLee

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