It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Won’t Be Back Until The End of 2018

For a while now it’s been evident that fans of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia would have to wait a while between the long-running comedy’s 12th and 13th seasons. Glenn Howerton, whose appearance in future episodes is in question, told Uproxx back in March that the cast and crew “may be taking an extended hiatus between season 12 and season 13.” That’s due to the core cast’s other commitments: Howerton has a new NBC series that could prevent him from returning, Kaitlin Olson’s The Mick got renewed, Charlie Day’s making movies, and Rob McElhenney still has that Minecraft thing coming up.

Now, TVLine is giving us a better sense of just when the gang might be back. Per that report, we’ll likely see the gang again sometime toward the end of 2018. Have a beer—or many—while you wait.

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Somehow all four stars of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have stayed completely focused on this show for over a decade without any of them starting any new major projects that would conflict with their Sunny schedule.

Wellll, that all ended recently as everyone is out here trying to get those network checks. Sweet Dee is the star of a Fox show. Charlie is a movie star.[“Star” is generous…he’s in movies.] Dennis is trying to star in an NBC series.[2. That will probably be cancelled by dinner time] Oh, and Mac is straight chillin, I guess.

Looks like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is coming to an end but at least he have The Mick and whatever show Dennis will be on and Monster’s University and that season of Sunny where Mac was fat.





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