It’s 2018 and Trump Staffers At The White House Are Still ‘Icing’ Each Other

Staffers in the White House office responsible for recruiting political appointees played a drinking game in a government office building near the White House in January, according to a Washington Post report.

The Post reported that the staffers played the drinking game, called “icing,” to celebrate the 30th birthday of the office’s deputy director.

The game involves hiding a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. The rules then require whoever finds the beverage to chug it.



There is a laundry list of reasons why you can hate the Trump administration but this is the one story that rubs me the wrongest of ways. I’m not even typing this right now. I’m PUNCHING the keyboard out of anger. I’m shaking with rage.

I can’t have the people in charge of this country running around the white house placing Smirnoff¬†Ice in like, cabinets and potted plants. That’s where I draw the line. There are adults running around the Oval Office playing frat games. Lame ass frat games.

You know for a fact that Donald Trump is involved in this someway. Hiding beer under Ben Carson’s desk and shit. Kellyanne Conway ‘hiding’ them in her purse and finding them ‘by surprise’ so that she can get blackout drunk at ‘work’.

End Icing. It’s 2018 and the White House is playing games that were lame back in 2012. Impeach Donald Trump. This is the last straw. We’re all going to die.




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