Isaiah Thomas Is Going To Ruin Cleveland Cavaliers

Isaiah Thomas will make his debut for the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday against the Portland Trail Blazers, Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said Monday.

The guard, who has been rehabbing from a hip injury, will come off the bench, will be on a minute restriction and will not play the next night against the Boston Celtics — his old team.

“It’s a blessing,” Thomas said. “It’s been a long process for me. It’s been a frustrating and tough process but at the same time you got to trust it. Each and every day, I just attacked it every day to try to get better and now that day is here. I haven’t played in so long so man, it’s going to be a weird feeling tomorrow but I’m happy. I’m happy it’s here.”



The Cleveland Cavaliers are 24-12 and currently sit 3rd in the Eastern Conference behind the Boston Celtics and the Toronto DeMarr DeRozan’s on the back of LeBron James having the best season of his career at the age of 33.

I know it’s very easy to assume that the addition of an NBA All-Star would improve your team. Isaiah Thomas scored 28 points a game last season and finished 5th in MVP voting. He was pretty decent or whatever. But his return from a hip injury is going to blow the Cavs up entirely.

You can start on the defensive side of the ball when Thomas is the worst defender in the NBA. The only point guard who is worse at defense than Isaiah is his current teammate, Jose Calderon. I can’t wait for the brief window of time when they’re in the backcourt at the same time and the Warriors go on a 30-0 run in 90 seconds.

I also think Isaiah’s success was entirely the result of Brad Stevens’s system in Boston. There’s a reason why they lost Gordon Hayward after 7 minutes and managed to win every single game without him. Stevens puts players in the best position to succeed and Tyronn Lue, not so much.

The Celtics ran constant double screens at the top of the key to free Thomas because ya know, Thomas is the same size of an average 10th grader so he needs help getting open. Are the Cavs really going to change their entire offense midseason to get Thomas his points? Trick question: no. We are about to see the Isaiah Thomas that sucked in Phoenix.

I cannot wait until LeBron posts a not so subtle subtweet or passive aggressive¬†Instagram post saying something like ‘ Damn, we keep coming up SHORT wink wink’. Isaiah Thomas is about to make Derrick Rose look like 2008 MVP Derrick Rose with how bad he is going to play post-hip injury.





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