Isaiah Thomas Won’t Play Until Christmas Which Means It’s Derrick Rose SZN

The Cleveland Cavaliers believe star point guard Isaiah Thomas could return from his hip injury by Christmas, when they face the defending champion Golden State Warriors, according to Joe Vardon of

The team added Thomas has made “real progress” as he rehabilitates from a torn labrum and a right femoral-acetabular impingement.

Vardon noted “Thomas has worked with weights and hip mobilization stretches; he’s run in the pool and on a weightless treadmill, and is shooting stationary shots on the court with no ill effects.”

(Bleacher Report)

To anyone who still thinks the Cleveland Cavaliers are still the favorites to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals, why? Who do you think Derrick Rose is? Sure, he nearly averaged 20 points on the Knicks last season but that’s easy to do when you refuse to let anyone else touch the basketball and then when you finally do decide to pass the ball, it ends up in the stands.

The Celtics absolutely fleeced the Cavs. It was a straight up heist. Kyrie Irving is one of the best players in the league and Isaiah Thomas won’t be around until January. Don’t be shocked if the Cavs go like, 0-30 with Derrick Rose starting.

Can you imagine how pissed LeBron is going to be at the end of games when Rose runs full speed at the basketball and chucks it as hard as he can off the top of the backboard while Kevin Love stands wide open in the corner?

And the best part of all is that the backup to Derrick Rose is Jose Calderon. BAHAHAHA. The Cavs stiiiiiiiink. LeBron might move to Los Angeles tomorrow and never come back while Kyrie Irving is having white girl yacht parties with Gordon Hayward and some UMass co-eds. As it was written.




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