Is Wayfair Selling Child Sex Slaves With Their Cabinets and Ottomans?

Some genius and potential hero over on Reddit put two and two together and discovered that Wayfair, the company that sells armoires and sofas, might actually be sinister sex traffickers disguising their products to the naked eye but for those privy to the pedophile game, they’ve got little kids on deck.

Of course this troubling news got to Twitter and Tik Tok where the real detectives are and more evidence quickly followed.

And that’s that on that. No further sleuthing necessary. We’ve gotten to the bottom of this criminal enterprise. Wayfair sells $15 cabinets for $15,000 and names them after the missing children that are stored inside for you to manhandle when they arrive in 3-5 business days.

Here’s what Wayfair had to say to deflect from their evil:

Yea, likely story you dirty sex traffickers. Just $10,000 pillow price glitches. A business that is entirely handled over the internet suffering from internet glitches. Yea, right.

Before I go any further, it’s important for me to state clearly how much I absolutely hate the internet and how much I hate this story. Conspiracy theories are often always trash and this one infuriates me because Wayfair is literally in the midst of real life actual bullshit and it’s being hidden and overshadowed because some lady on Reddit stumbled upon a cabinet out of her price range.

Hundreds of Wayfair employees staged a walkout recently and were joined in the streets by protestors after the company sold around $200,000 worth of beds to a detention center that has captured 3,000 migrant children in Texas.

Wayfair sells beds to ICE. There are kids separated from their parents at the border and this shitty company is profiting off their unlawful imprisonment. I don’t want to hear anything about these kids deserving this because they shouldn’t come to this country legally.

The Trump administration has made it nearly impossible for anyone in Latin America to fill out the legal paperwork and qualify for a Visa to enter America thus increasing the amount of illegal activity at the borders. These children did not choose to come here.

Their parents wanted to escape their miserable home lives and provide a better opportunity and higher ceiling for their kids futures and now they’re being held captive. There have been no trials. This isn’t fair or just. It’s savage and inhumane. And Wayfair is making a cool quarter mill of their pain.

And while Wayfair makes a buck off the suffering of children, lame conspiracy nerds who watched one Jeffrey Epstein doc on Netflix think everything is some underground pizzagate pedophile sex trafficking ring but in actuality, Wayfair is just a sadistic company that would probably prefer writing press releases declaring that they aren’t selling children instead of acknowledging that they are contributing to the cruel and barbaric American immigration system.

Fuck Wayfair and their $15,000 coffee tables.





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