Is Tony Parker The Worst Teammate of All Time?

Kawhi Leonard is currently refusing to rejoin the San Antonio Spurs because he wants to play in a bigger market or because he just wants to move on but either way, Tony Parker has not helped the Spurs chances of keeping Leonard.

Kawhi was having trust issues with the Spurs medical staff and sought after second opinions pretty much every else outside of San Antonio’s facilities. After Kawhi took the season off to nurse a quad injury that may or may not have actually existed, Tony Parker came off the top rope to shit all over Kawhi and essentially called him a liar.

“Yea my quad injury was wayyyy worse than Kawhi’s but I came back much sooner thanks to the best training staff in the world that I trust with my life but hey, I’m just a better person than he is, I guess” -Tony Parker, basically.


Is Tony Parker the worst teammate of all time?

With that story alone? Not quite. As I write this, Dwight Howard is being traded to his 5 millionth team because no one likes being in a room with him. Tony Parker completely cockblocking Kawhi during his holdout makes him an asshole for sure but he’s not the worst teammate yet.

Longoria filed her papers in Los Angeles this morning, amid rumors that Parker carried on a relationship with the wife of one of his fellow Spurs, reports AC Slater. Later, a Sports Illustrated boxing writer with entertainment sources confirmed that the teammate in question was Brent Barry. The SI writer works in the same building as People Magazine, so his sources are infallible when he relays to us that Brent and Erin Barry are currently going through a divorce. Billy Bush reached out to Erin Barry, only to receive and report a “no comment.” Longoria confirms her divorce filing and wishes Parker happiness, according to Eva Longoria.



But then when you look back and remember that Tony Parker banged Brent Barry’s wife and yea um, I’d rather have Dwight Howard making lame jokes and demanding the ball 24/7 than Tony Parker sneaking into my house and humping the love of my life while I’m not home.

Fuck Tony Parker.



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