Is This New Brad Pitt Space Movie Going To Be Trash?

Ad Astra is an upcoming film about Brad Pitt playing an astronaut who goes into space to find his missing father, Tommy Lee Jones, who also went into space and went mysteriously missing.

Sooo this is going to suck, right?

This looks like the worst parts of the movie Life where they have to survive an alien ink blot and Interstellar where Matty McConaughey gets ‘lost’ in space but proactively chooses to stay in space way longer than he needs to and then in the end just goes back into space for no reason.

The problem is, it’s a space movie which means I’m going to watch the shit out of this. And it’s Brad Pitt in space??

I cannot wait to leave the theatre pissed that I spent my money on Ad Astra and I just haaad to get the large popcorn instead of the medium. I don’t have money for these endeavors. I haven’t been employed since the Bush administration.

Come back to Deadseriousness in September when I write a long detailed angry article about Ad Astra and the fall of Brad Pitt.

Oh, also Jamie Kennedy is in this so maybe this is the best comedy of the year. Anything can happen.


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