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Is RJ Barrett a Future NBA Superstar?

As awful as the New York Knicks have been this millennium, this franchise does not often find itself with a Top 5 draft pick. They usually either trade those draft picks for a guy like Eddy Curry or they win juuust enough games to lose out on the Draft Lottery.

Last time the Knicks were this close to the top was 2015 when they selected Kristaps Porzingis No. 4 overall. Regardless of his injury history, his sudden departure from New York and ya know, the rape, Porzingis is a superstar in this league.

New York finished the 2018-19 season with the worst record in franchise history which gifted them the No. 3 pick. Recent history would tell us that they are guaranteed a superstar with that pick and with New Orleans and Memphis’s picks already set in stone, it appears as though the New York Knicks are marrying RJ Barrett.

But will RJ Barrett turn in an NBA Superstar?

RJ Barrett was supposed to be God’s gift to basketball prior to this past season when he disappeared and played in Zion Williamson’s shadow at Duke. Leave it to Coach K to destroy a player’s draft value.

Although Barrett let Zion shine, the Canadian sensation still averaged 22 points per game. the red flag in his scoring is a 30% percentage from behind the arc and an even scarier 65% from the free throw line which is a pretty good indicator that he has a broken shot.

It’s impossible to not compare him to fellow No. 1 Canadian prospect, Andrew Wiggins, who in five NBA seasons, has a 33% career shooting percentage from 3 and 73% from the free throw line.

Both players have all the physical gifts on paper but as soon as the game starts, they aim for the side of the backboard when they shoot.

The big difference in their game is that RJ Barrett is far more aggressive than Wiggins. In Duke’s final NCAA Tournament game, Barrett took the ball in the last possession in his own hands. He for sure should have done that but that eagerness to step up in the final minutes in some real superstar shit.

He has some other smaller flaws that most teenagers all deal with like his inability to dribble with his off hand or how stagnant he is on offense when he doesn’t have the ball in his hands but again, he’s a kid and is in no way a finished product. I still have no idea whether or not David Fizdale is a good head coach but anyone is better than Coach K.

The biggest problem facing Barrett’s rise to stardom is probably how unremarkable he seems as a person. RJ Barrett’s personality makes Kevin Knox’s look like Stephen A. Smith’s.

As a man who is boring as hell myself, real recognize real. Last season, Trae Young was ejected because he hit a three in a guy’s voice and talked shit. That’s a superstar move. RJ Barrett won’t be barking in people’s face. He certainly won’t be making 3’s either.

As long as RJ Barrett plays in New York, he will be talked about on a daily basis on Fox Sports One shows that no one watches.

Plus, Zion has to compete for the ball with Brandon Ingram and Jrue Holiday. RJ Barrett gets to take as many shots as he wants (as long as Allonzo Trier is on the bench) so he could snatch the Rookie of the Year award away from his former teammate.

RJ Barrett: Future Star of the perennial 7th seed. Can’t seed.

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