Is Rey the Actual Villain in Star Wars?

Okay so that 10-minute long video pretty much covered all of the key points so I don’t have much to add as far as the details of that theory goes. Old writer’s trick there. But is Rey actually the villain in Star Wars? Anyone can piece together random clips and call it a ‘theory’. Let’s break this down a bit.

I’m not ready to just completely ignore the possibilities of this. I remember sitting in the theatres on opening night like a super cool guy and totally not a nerd in any way, and thinking that her fight with Kylo Ren was strange and the choreography was so specific to make her seem more vicious than usual.

I’m also pretty confident in the fact that Rey’s parents were not in the Force Awakens. My initial guess was that she was the daughter of Han and Leia. Han seemed very comfortable assuming that father role from the second they met on the Millenium Falcon and Kylo Ren seemed to know her very well. But I threw that out of the window when she met Leia and the princess was pretty much indifferent about Rey even being around.

I suppose the most compelling aspect of this theory is just how interesting and exciting it would be. How amazing would it be if Rey switched to the dark side and became the baddest bitch in the galaxy?

I want/need this to happen. We’ve seen the same boring hero’s journey over and over again. It’s been beaten to death. Well how about the Star Wars universe being completely flipped on its head with the girl we thought was our hero actually becoming the greatest threat the Star Wars universe has ever seen.

Now that I’m rock hard thinking about this, I should probably say that there’s like a zero percent chance of this actually being true and Rey is going to be a Skywalker because everything in the galaxy is about those spoiled little dicks.

But in the off chance that Rey gets persuaded to join the darkside, Star Wars can just have all of my money because I’m going to see The Last Jedi, no less than infinite times. They are going to have to kick me out of the theatre because I will not be going anywhere. Luckily, there’s a Chilis across the street so I’ll land on my feet.


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