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Is Paul Pierce a Troll or Is He Dumb As Shit?

Over the weekend, the entire universe joined forces to dunk on Paul Pierce after some of his dumbest comments to date. His ESPN career is full of hot takes and self-sucking but his recent remarks were the last straw.

There is a general consensus that Dwyane Wade is the third best shooting guard of all time. (Personally, I think James Harden is actively surpassing him and we should all take a step back and re-evaluate the greatness of Allen Iverson).

So Paul Pierce jumping off the top rope and claiming that the only reason why Wade has more championships is that Wade had better teammates shows the biggest problem with Paul Pierce working at ESPN.

He has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about.

When Paul Pierce first started on ESPN Countdown I was instantly annoyed. Not just because as a Knicks fan, all Boston Celtics players make me want to punch a wall but because ESPN continues to give athletes television jobs the second the retire whether they have any broadcasting experience or not.

There are so many talented writers like Zach Lowe and Chris Herring and Ramona Shelbourne, who create interesting thought provoking NBA content on a daily basis and they are never on television because they didn’t play or coach.

Stan Van Gundy sucked.

Why does he automatically qualify for a television position? Who wants his opinions on anything? He drafted Luke Kennard the pick right before Donovan Mitchell. Get him off my TV.

The same applies to Paul.

I’ll never forget earlier in the season listening to him attempt to explain why he likes Luka Doncic. All he kept saying is that Luka was ‘fun to watch’. Thanks, Paul. WE KNOW.

Do you have any actual insight on his game or playing style that you can provide as a former NBA player or are you going to just keep repeating what weirdos on Twitter with 40 followers Tweet out with no insightful explanation?

Why is Paul Pierce even here? My man can’t read. What purpose does he serve outside of being the butt of the joke.


Okay, I’m getting mad. Let me take a deep breath.

Is Paul Pierce trolling or is he dumb as shit?

This has to be a troll. Has to be. The alternative is too depressing.

There is no way this man lacks this level of self-awareness. Dwyane Wade is one of the best defensive guards of his era. Paul Pierce’s feet were in cement on defense. He was slow and couldn’t move laterally at all. My man was crossed up on a regular basis.

He has no idea how to evaluate talent and he doesn’t articulate his thoughts and opinions at all. All of his takes and arguments are anonymous Youtube comments from children. There is absolutely zero reason for him to be on ESPN.

Unless he’s a troll and his job isn’t to actually discuss basketball but to get views and eyes on Countdown in which case, congrats. You made millions in the NBA and now your job is to tap dance for clicks.

Whether Paul Pierce is a troll or he’s dumb as shit, either way I need him off my television immediately.

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