Is North Korea Going To Murder Us and Our Families?

Soooo, this isn’t great. It would appear as though North Korea has finally gotten their shit together and now has the technology to bomb America and this just happens to perfectly align with America having the first president who will start a nuclear war because he burned his mouth on a coffee that was too hot and wants to let his frustrations out on something.

So like, is North Korea going to murder us and our families?

Here’s the thing, the United States has gone to war with this country before. We lost. And that was before they had nukes. Now we’re probably going to lose even harder. These North Korean soldiers don’t have the internet which means they don’t have porn which means they want nothing more than to let out their sexual frustrations in combat.

America’s only hope is that China or Japan take our side which seems incredibly unlikely. China is slowly taking over Asian trade by strong-arming Japan and India under the radar which essentially means they’re being reaaaal dicks over there. Taking out North Korea would only help China become an even bigger juggernaut in that region and they’ll probably take over the world the second Kim Jong Un is defeated. Yikes.

Is North Korea going to murder us and our families?

Maybe. But if they don’t do it then China 1000% will. We’re all going to die.



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