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Is No One Else Concerned That Aaron Judge Is Still Injured?

Uh guys, Aaron Judge is still injured and no one understands what’s going on.

When coronavirus quarantines postponed the 2020 MLB season, we all pretty much assumed this was good news for the New York Yankees who were once again limping into opening day with a roster full of injured stars.

James Paxton has a cyst in his back. Aaron Hicks is recovering from Tommy John surgery. Giancarlo Stanton was Giancarlo Stantoning.

And Aaron Judge had a mysterious injury that was finally revealed to be a fractured rib, which is one of those injuries that shouldn’t be a fucking mystery to discover but last season already established that the Yankees are behind when it comes to injury management.

A lot of people figured a delayed start of the season would mean Aaron Judge’s ribs would be healed by then but there’s a new update in the past week and uh, things are bad.

Judge first injured his rib in September making a diving catch in the field and played the remainder of last season on painkillers. Cool. It’s fucking MAY now and his ribs are still injured.

Remember in February when Aaron Judge was shut down with a shoulder injury? Then it was a stress fracture in his rib in the beginning of March and the return time was two weeks? It’s MAY and he hasn’t even been able to pick up a bat yet.

This could be the most important season in Aaron Judge’s career. We are coming to the end of these young player’s arbitration and they can’t pay everyone. The Yankees are going to need to decide who they will pay between Gleyber Torres, Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez.

Gleyber will be a Yankee forever.

He’s played two major league seasons and he’s a two-time All-Star. There is no catcher in baseball that is capable of doing what Gary Sanchez does at the plate. Sure, Gary and Aaron both struggle with injuries but who are you replacing him with? It’s far easier to replace a corner outfielder. Especially when Giancarlo Stanton is already here being the second highest paid player on the team.

Not only is this injury frightening for the 2020 season and a window into the fact that it doesn’t matter that the Yankees hired a brand new training staff because the new training staff is still mishandling injuries but this rib injury could be the end of his Yankees career.

I know that there’s a lot going on in the world and baseball is an afterthought in many of our lives at the moment but what is going on with Aaron Judge and this organization?

Why do players continue to injure themselves at the end of a season only to come back for Spring Training and finally get a diagnosis? James Paxton had a back injury last year and was given surgery until now. We know the exact play that Judge hurt his ribs and the solution was ‘here’s an Advil, you pussy’.

Here’s what Aaron Boone said last week in regards to Judge’s ribs:

“He’s due for another CT scan, I believe, in a couple more weeks,” Boone said. “So this time down has allowed that rib — that bone — to hopefully continue to heal.

“All signs are encouraging there, and hopefully this time down allows that rib to heal properly and hopefully have him part of all this.”

Reminder: Judge hurt himself in September. It’s May. His ribs still hurt and he’s played zero baseball.

The fuck is going on? Is anyone else concerned about this? No? Okay.



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