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Is It The End of The Gary Sanchez Era in New York?

Sooo uh, this 2020 season absolutely stinks for the New York Yankees. After years of injuries piling up, shockingly there are more injuries this season. And the players that are healthy enough to stay in the lineup are having some of the worst seasons of their careers. Especially Gary Sanchez, who currently has the worst batting average in baseball.

In a Saturday loss to the Baltimore Orioles, Gary Sanchez went 0-for-4 with 4 strikeouts. The worst possible game a hitter can have. Gary is 3-for-38 in his last nine games. He’s batting .130. 13 hits in 100 at-bats.

His 48 strikeouts in 32 games is the third most in that span in Yankees history Tyler Austin and Giancarlo Stanton in 2018. Remember in 2018 when everyone on the Yankees was just striking out constantly? Gary Sanchez is on a mission to you remind you of that.

With only 21 games left in the season, Aaron Boone has decided to bench Gary indefinitely. Here is what Aaron said on the situation:

“Deliberated on it a lot last night. I just feel like this is the way I need to go right now with and hopefully a day off or two, or however I decide to do it here, can help get him going. It’s on all of us to get around him and try and help him get to what we know he can be.”

So it is over for Gary Sanchez in pinstripes?

Yes sure, Gary only has 13 hits which is just atrocious. BUT he has 7 home runs and a double. When he does get a hit, it likely ends up in the lap of a cardboard cut out.

We also have to remember that this man is a catcher. Why are we raising the bar for what a catcher should be doing at the plate?

He’s being replaced by Erik Kratz, a career .208 hitter. Erik Kratz is 40. Gary is 27. Sanchez already has 81 more career home runs than the elderly man replacing him. His bat is astronomically more dangerous than Kratz’s which is crucial to this current lineup where only DJ LeMaheiu and Luke Voit have decided to show up this season.

Gary Sanchez hit a game-winning GRAND SLAM last week. Erik Kratz could never. Literally. It’s insane to cut the plug on a 27-year old who is setting home run records for catchers.

This shortened season has truly shown all of the cracks in this Yankees organization from the top down. From the GM doing nothing at the trade deadline while the Yankees currently sit 3rd in the AL East and could easily miss the playoffs with one bad series in Buffalo against the Blue Jays.

The philosophy of resting players makes zero fucking sense when the players immediately get hurt once they return from rest. Perhaps the inconsistency and the starting and stopping and sitting and then playing is actually bad for players. Hm.

And Gary is a streaky player that can’t get hot because of the random Coronavirus postponements and the Yankees strange love affair with Erik Kratz.

Gary Sanchez should be getting as many at-bats as possible. The Yankees are not going to win the World Series this season thanks to Erik Kratz’s great bunts or whatever. It’s going to be on the back of Gary Sanchez hitting bombs while Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton ice their wounds.

Gary has two more years of arbitration left before he’d be able to hit the free market in 2023. Shattering his confidence and devaluing him makes zero sense. This is the cheapest he’ll ever be and they need to maximize his potential instead of stifling his development.

Play Gary.




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