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Is It a Mistake For The New York Giants To Hire Jason Garrett As Their Offensive Coordinator?

Jason Garrett spent the last decade ‘coaching’ the Dallas Cowboys reaching the postseason only 3 times and never advancing past the divisional round. He was fired and replaced with former Green Bay Packers coach, Mike McCarthy, who may or may not actually be a better coach but at least he has a Super Bowl ring while all Garrett has is like, memories or whatever.

He is now being considered for the New York Giants vacant offensive coordinator job along with last season’s OC, Mike Shula and the also recently fired Browns head coach, Freddie Kitchens, as Joe Judge attempts to build a ragtag coaching staff of rejects and ne’er do wells.

So are the Giants making a mistake bringing in Jason Garrett?

Joe Judge is a 38-year old first time head coach whose claim to fame to coaching the New England Patriots special teams last season. A special teams group that was ranked 11th in DVOA. 11th. Now he’s a head coach.

Needless to say, he is uh, lacking in experience here so adding a long time veteran like Jason Garrett into his coach’s room is the ideal move. Sean McVay was young and inexperienced so he brought in Wade Phillips to run his defense. They went to the Super Bowl.

The difference being Wade Phillips’s defenses are astronomically more successful than Jason Garrett’s offenses ever were.

You could claim that Garrett is responsible for the rise of Tony Romo who emerged out of the clouds after Drew Bledsoe went down with injuries in 2006. But Garrett hasn’t called plays since 2010. Does the Giants offense improve by bringing in a decade old historic playbook in an era where the spread offense and the air raid is taking over?

Jason Garrett needs a year off from the sidelines to get a new perspective and change up his playbook the same way that Mike McCarthy pretended he did. No part of me believes he is capable of getting the most out of Daniel Jones.

And although he wouldn’t be the head coach in charge of deciding whether or not the team goes for it on fourth down, Garrett has already proven to be wildly conservative. I don’t want to see a game where Joe Judge wants to go for it on 4th and 2 and the only play Garrett can dial up is a punt because he has no 4th down plays in his repertoire.

It’s a shame that the Giants didn’t get a look at Joe Brady, the LSU quarterback coach who helped lead Joe Burrow to the best season in college football history but again, it would behoove Joe Judge to bring a veteran in to help and not another bro in his 30’s to go out drinking with.

Adam Gase—the biggest fraud in the NFL who is squandering Sam Darnold on the Jets and who is now watching Ryan Tannehill thrive without him—gets credit as being a ‘quarterback whisperer’ because he happened to be the offensive coordinator in Denver when Peyton Manning—who was already a Hall of Famer long before he met Gase—broke the touchdown record in 2015.

It’s interesting that Gase gets praise for polishing an already Super Bowl winning polished quarterback yet Jim Caldwell, the man who was Peyton’s coach dating back to 2002 and whom Peyton credits for his success, is not being brought in to coach Daniel Jones.

Yet Freddie Kitchens gets an interview because he and Judge coached together at Mississippi State. Interesting how this NFL hiring process works. Very interesting.

Can’t wait in two seasons when all of these coaches are fired and the Giants get yet another chance to make awful coaching hires. As is tradition.





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