Is Dolores the Real Villain of Westworld?

So the season one finale of Westworld is coming up this Sunday and I have no idea what is going to happen. There are a bajillion questions left unanswered. Like how did no one notice that Dr. Ford hired Bernard, a robot that looks exactly like his former partner Arnold? How much must it suck to go the Westworld park the week before Ford drops his new narrative and all of the cool hosts are like on the outskirts of the park and the hot madam, Maeve, will slit your throat.

The one bold prediction I do have however, is that Dolores has been being groomed to be the villain of Ford’s new major narrative. Hot Take Alert: Dolores is Wyatt.

Soo this is kind of a hot take mainly because of all of the different timelines going down, I’m not quite sure what she’s been doing present day. It’s pretty clear that a majority of her time this season has been spent reminiscing about the time she met a young Man in Black 30 years ago. It appears as though that whole storyline with William is just her activating her memory as she follows the voice in her head and travels to the center of the maze.

The last scene we see her in, she’s in the center of the maze with the Man in Black. You know who else is apparently in the center of the maze? Wyatt. Coincidence?

Dolores has a history of violence. Especially after she casually said she killed Arnold last week. The bitch is a straight up assassin. Also, in flashbacks it appears as though she and her bae Teddy straight up slaughtered an entire city of hosts. Teddy claims that ‘Wyatt’ made him do it. What if his beloved Dolores made him do it.

Now, I don’t think she has full consciousness like Maeve or Arnold. I think Ford is pulling the strings and is influencing every move she makes. Ford wanted Arnold dead and he had Dolores do it. What if Ford wants the Man in Black dead and he’s leading him straight to his little Westworld murdered, Dolores AKA Wyatt.

The Man in Black could easily vote Ford off of the Board and take away his funding to make stupid robots. Ford clearly has no shame in killing those who get in his way. Last episode, The Man in Black was almost HUNG TO DEATH. Now it’s Dolores turn to take revenge from that first episode where she was raped in that barn. Dolores is going to kill the shit out of William. Can’t wait.

I’m probably wrong because I don’t understand this show at all. Dang.





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