Is Carson Wentz Secretly a Selfish Asshole?

Turns out, teammates might not be in love with Nick Foles’s backup QB, Carson Wentz, as stories have leaked regarding his actual behavior behind the scenes.

His aw-shucks, overgrown-Opie-from-Mayberry routine plays well with the local and national media. Indeed, sources describe Wentz as “incredibly hard working,” “determined,” and “highly intelligent.” But the true Wentz is more nuanced and complicated, with sources describing him as “selfish,” “uncompromising,” “egotistical,” one who plays “favorites” and doesn’t like to be “questioned,” one who needs to “practice what he preaches” and fails “to take accountability.”

Numerous sources confirmed Wentz was once verbally attacked by a highly respected teammate for not being “a team guy.”

“Carson Wentz’s biggest enemy is Carson Wentz,” one source said. “He’s had his ass kissed his whole life, and sometimes acts like he’s won 10 Super Bowls, when he hasn’t played in, let alone won, a playoff game yet. Everyone around him wants good things for him. He did more thinking on the field than he did playing (in 2018). You don’t have to be a brain surgeon or a football expert to see how differently this team plays and reacts with one guy as opposed to the other.” (Philly Voice)


As per this report, yikes.

Carson Wentz has been in Philadelphia for 3 years and he’s already the most hated man in the building. He’s played 40 career NFL games and the Eagles are already fed up with him.

It’s quite clear that the Eagles play better when Nick Foles is the quarterback and there could be a few reasons why. When Wentz is the QB, he seems to exclusively target his tight end, Zach Ertz. Rarely does he take shots down the field.

Nick Foles launches bombs and shares the ball to every receiver. It’s almost as if they open up the playbook for Foles and they give him more options than they do with Wentz. Suddenly we hear the names of Alshon Jeffrey and Nelson Agholor during the broadcast instead of just Ertz over and over again.

Some might say the team plays better with Foles because they actually all know he’s worse than Wentz so their margin of error is much smaller. In that case, everyone is far more focused and they all limit their mistakes because they don’t have an MVP caliber quarterback making up for their shortcomings.

Personally, I think it’s quite clear that Nick Foles is working with God to win football games. This is a fact.

But preferring Nick Foles is one thing. To completely shit on Carson Wentz and refer to him as ‘selfish’ is a little much. Would it shock me to find out that this weirdo from North Dakota finally had a taste of real power in a big city and evolved into a sociopath? Nah.

But it’s definitely shocking that Eagles players were so eager to tell the world how much they hate the guy.

Is Carson Wentz a selfish asshole?


All I know is that Dak Prescott is garbage and he’s about to get a massive contract that locks Dallas into mediocrity for the next half decade and the Eagles hate Carson Wentz. Oh, and Washington’s quarterback doesn’t have two legs right now.

New York Giants are walking into the playoffs next season.




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