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Is Any of This Andy Dalton’s Fault?

The Cincinnati Bengals are 0-8 and have decided to move on from 9-year starting quarterback, Andy Dalton, in favor of rookie QB, Ryan Finley. So they appear to have fully embraced the Tank and will look to draft a quarterback to replace both of those losers.

Needless to say, Dalton was a bit perturbed at the timing of the benching.

You can understand Dalton’s frustrations. He’s a veteran QB that feels like he can still start in this league but wasn’t given the opportunity to look for work elsewhere and now must sit on the bench for the remainder of the season.

However, here’s a quick rule of thumb: if you want to remain as the starting quarterback, maybe win ONE game. Dalton leads the league in both completions and pass attempts. He’s also leading the league in losses.

It should also be pointed out that the team didn’t need to shop Andy Dalton at the trade deadline because who in the hell wants Andy Dalton?

What potential playoff team needs a quarterback? The only team that could use Dalton is the Pittsburgh Steelers and they’ve seen first hand just how mediocre that man has been for the last decade. They’ll call up Tommy Maddox again before they acquire Dalton.

We’ll probably never see Dalton play for the Bengals again as he would make $17 million if he returned in 2020. It would make no sense to draft a QB Top 3 and bench him for a $17 million placeholder.

The question that I need to ask now is a simple one:

Is this even Andy Dalton’s fault?

And by that I mean, Andy Dalton’s entire career was coached by Marvin Lewis, aka the Mendoza Line of NFL head coaches. Lewis’s win-loss record was 131-129-3. Riiiight above .500. Just decent enough to maintain status quo for 15 years before he was finally fired after the 2018 season.

Together, the two combined to win exactly zero playoff games and their time in Cincinnati will be lost in time. I can’t imagine a 2030 football conversation where people reminisce about the 2016 Bengals.

Excluding this 0-8 season, Dalton averages about 8.5 wins per season. Those were the expectations. Just keep the level. And then if you accidentally make the postseason, just take a knee.

Dalton has a playoff passer rating of 57.8. He has one touchdown pass and eight turnovers. Had to get eliminated to make sure he didn’t get replaced in those 3 Pro Bowl appearances.

One time the Bengals ALMOST beat the Steelers in an 18-16 loss in the Wild Card round. AJ McCarron was the quarterback of that game. Dalton didn’t even get a chance to lose.

Enter first time head coach, Zac Taylor, came in and didn’t seem to install much of an offense this season. Cincinnati is ranked 29th in points per game. Zac Taylor was supposed to be an offensive guru and this team can’t even get first downs.

And now Dalton is out on his ass while Zac Taylor remains. Just doesn’t seem fair. Not because Andy Dalton is good. He’s not. But because there are far worse quarterbacks who start week after week.

Look at this bitch.

Joe Flacco is the worst. He’s tall and can throw far so he’s been given opportunities year after year. He went on one historic playoff run that led to a Super Bowl victory over the 49ers and he’s been coasting for the next decade.

He’s Jay Cutler without a pack of Marlboro Reds in his pocket and a Super Bowl ring. He’s Eli Manning with a more symmetrical face. And for the sake of this article, he’s a suckier Andy Dalton.

However, Flacco remains a starting QB in the NFL and Dalton is being benched even though he has a worse career completion percentage, touchdown rate, and passer rating than Dalton.


I can’t stress enough that Andy Dalton is not good at this whole football thing. But there have bee far worse with far more opportunities. The Miami Dolphins pulled Jay Cutler out of retirement two seasons ago to start for them.

Andy Dalton has had a better statistical career than Cutler but no one is running to watch the Dalton family reality show on E!. Nor should they.

I hate that I’m defending Andy Dalton, although I keep reminding myself that he stinks. Nick Foles is going to get an opportunity to play before Dalton does and that’s disgusting.

I’m saying all of this now but the second he ends up in Tampa Bay with the ‘quarterback whisperer’ Bruce Arians and they run out back-to-back 6 win seasons, I’m deleting this article and any of your memories of it.

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