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Indiana Pacers Snitch on Los Angeles Lakers For Tampering With Paul George

Yikes.What sucks about the Indiana Pacers snitching about the Los Angeles Lakers tampering with Paul George is that the Los Angeles Lakers 1000% tampered with Paul George. I mean, I’m pretty confident that Magic Johnson and Paul George are currently texting right this second over the details of his contract next season.

What exactly is the consequence of tampering? A fine. Cool. Didn’t Chris Paul clearly tamper with the Houston Rockets for that trade this offseason? It’s 2017. Let teams tamper. I want teams on the horn with Giannis hammering out player options and statistical cash bonuses. Fuck waiting for free agency to begin.

This would be the perfect time for Adam Silver to cement his legacy as the GOAT by punishing the Indiana Pacers for snitching. I want/need the Pacers to lose their first draft pick next season because they were being little bitches.

Make the right decision, Silver.





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