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In Shocking News, The Creator of Ren and Stimpy, One of the Creepiest Cartoons Ever, Is Actually a Creepy Dude Who Loves Banging Little Girls

John Kricfalusi is the latest in the list of media icons to be accused of sexual assault. The animator was one of the strongest voices in 1990s animation, with Ren & Stimpy acting as one of the most well-known shows of the era in part due to its controversial style and characters. However, behind the scenes it is alleged that Kricfalusi was involved in predatory behavior and sexual abuse against underage fans, with cases now coming forward after years of fearing retribution.

In a report from Buzzfeed, two women have shared their stories of abuse from Kricfalusi. Robyn Byrd and Katie Rice both allege that Kricfalusi pursued them as teenagers, with Byrd entering into a mentor-mentee relationship with the animator when she was 13 years old. Kricfalusi flew Byrd out to Los Angeles when she was 16, returning for a second trip as his girlfriend at the same age. Byrd moved in with the animator permanently aged 17, and lived with him until a temporary separation in 2000.

Rice also began a remote relationship with Kricfalusi as a teenager, writing to the creator when she was 14 regarding animation before corresponding with him over AOL. Rice states that Kricfalusi made sexual approaches towards her, and that he even performed sexual acts over the phone. Rice took a job at Kircfalusi’s Spumco production company aged 18, and claims that she was sexually harassed by the animator. Rice also alleges that she found child pornography on Kricfalusi’s computer, a story corroborated by an ex-girlfriend of the Ren & Stimpy creator.

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Who could’ve predicted that the man behind one of the weirdest and most cringe-worthy cartoons ever made had some skeletons in his closet that he keeps there to distract everyone from his stash of child porn?

John Kricfalusi was literally that creepy motherfucker in the AOL chatrooms asking everyone for their A/S/L. This guy was in animation chatrooms like ‘well you know, I actually created Powered Toast Man’ to a room of 13-year old girls that he was trying to fly out to Los Angeles.

Ren and Stimpy was clearly a cry for help. No sane man would put those startling images in motion for children. Unless of course, they were attempting to bang those very same children that they were creating the show for.

Arrest this man forever. Also hide this story before we find out that the creator of Invader Zim was diddling little boys that he met in alien conspiracy message boards and Reddit pages.


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