In Defense of Carole Baskin

There’s a lot of internet slander going after Big Cat Rescue CEO and Founder, Carole Baskin, after Netflix’s release of the Tiger King documentary about the gay cowboy tiger zoo owner, Joe Exotic.

Wild accusations are being thrown at this brave woman who simply wants to save big cats from the cruelty and brutality of captivity by, um, keeping them in captivity and making millions off turning the tiger sanctuary into a tourist attraction with like, super expensive merch and shit.

BUT, the Tiger King doc lays out how expensive it is to feed full-sized adult tigers. You can’t just steal expired Walmart meats. It’s hundred of thousands of dollars a year to feed these creatures.

Some might argue that it would be far cheaper to release them back into the wild but Carole Baskin has millions of social media followers that desperately need her to update them on the various in’s and out’s of Big Cat Rescue. Someone think of the Youtube subscribers. Won’t someone think of the Youtube subscribers??

Guys like Joe Exotic and Doc Antle have a problem with Carole Baskin because Carole has lobbied to have their zoos shut down on claims that there is animal abuse happening in their parks. Cub petting and tiger breeding is illegal and inhumane. She is correct and shouldn’t be vilified for it but hey, they did the same thing to Jesus.

Sure, there’s a level of hypocrisy as the documentary points out that when Carole got into the big cat game, she and her husband at the time, Don Lewis, were all about buying these exotic animals cheap from Central America and then breeding them which is an absolutely insane thing to get into but Don was a rich real estate weirdo in Florida. I suppose that’s just what you do. You either breed leopards or you rent a doctor’s office, put up a fake diploma on the wall and inject housewives with botox that you steal from local clinics. Gotta get your side hustle on. Real recognize real.

I reckon there’s a giant Lion in the room here involving the disappearance of the aforementioned Don Lewis, who went off to Costa Rica in a little plane one night in 2002 and never returned, as one does.

The documentary paints Carole Baskin as the prime suspect in his alleged murder and Joe Exotic has plenty of weird videos out where he makes the same reckless allegations. The police did an investigation and found no wrongdoing on Carole’s part so let’s drop it.

Also, before I continue you I want to make it very clear that the cops investigation doesn’t really matter because fuck *and I cannot stress this enough* the police. And one more time for the people in the back: FUCK THE POLICE.

BUT, it’s just sort of interesting how suddenly everyone turns into true crime experts and seekers of justice after watching a documentary about a dude with a blonde mullet who forced a teenage boy to marry him by drugging him with meth until he shot himself in the head.

Who gives a shit about Don Lewis? I say that respectfully, or whatever. But come on.

He was mentioned in one episode and all we know about him is that he was an eccentric rich dude who buried money in the ground and illegally flew to Costa Rica to bang his mistress and buy cheap zoo animals that had no business being breed in that musty Florida home. I’m totally okay with his Amelia Earnhart act. RIP ya dead bitch.

It’s strange to me that the biggest takeaway from this Tiger King nonsense is how Joe Exotic is a sympathetic character and Carole Baskin is the villain when Joe is in prison for hiring someone to kill Carole.

Doc Antle had a sex cult where he basically raped teenage girls and forced them to get breast implants after keeping them captive in dirty houses filled with cockroaches. The ending just casually mentioned that his place was raided last year.

Can we talk about this? No? We’re going to pretend like we’re soooo mad at Carole Baskin for maybe probably definitely feeding her husband to tigers and then altering his resume to gift herself with his entire fortune?

Motherfucker, I’ll do that same scam tomorrow for a few million.

Yes, she’s an asshole scammer who forces ‘volunteers’ to work for free 24/7, including holidays, and their only reward is the opportunity to earn a new Big Cat Rescue t-shirt in a different color as she pockets all the profits and points fingers at other zoos for illegally breeding and cub petting but it seems like she just wants to add their tigers to her collection.

I’m not going to sit here and say I’m a fan of her. She dresses like an asshole and she should pay her fucking employees.

But if you’re big takeaway from Tiger King is a hatred for Carole Baskin then you must’ve missed the part where literally everyone involved in this documentary is a sociopath that exploited and abused tigers to get rich and feel good about their awful purposeless lives.

Did I mention Doc kidnapping and raping teenage girls?





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