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“I’m Not Coming Off No Bench” -Dion Waiters

“I’m a starter in this league, man, that’s who I am. We’re going to nip that in the bud right now. I’m not coming off no bench,” Waiters told Tom D’Angelo of the Palm Beach Post.


With all the snow in New York this weekend it feels good to wake up on Waiters Island where it’s 80 and sunny every day and we NOT COMING OFF NO BENCH.

The Miami Heat are 11-13 this season and after almost sneaking into the playoffs last year, they look like a G-League team out there. Hassan Whiteside is in and out of the lineup and their young players haven’t really taken that leap that the Heat organization would’ve hoped.

Probably doesn’t help that Dion Waiters is shooting a career-low 31% from the 3-point line. But who is on the Heat roster that deserves to start over Waiters? He’s an absolute killer. The team hasn’t put him in a position to hit any game-winning shots because they’re being blown out.

Dion Waiters will probably end the season with the MVP award so this is just a small bump on the road.



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