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Iggy Azalea Saved Nick Young From Getting the World’s Dumbest Tattoo

I could say so many things about this incident but I want to start by saying that tattoos are the dumbest thing on the planet. Why is getting ‘born rebel’ tattooed across your back important? Why is getting a music note behind your ear important? Why is a quote that doesn’t mean anything on your ribs important?

Tattoos are ridiculously dumb but I guess it all depends on the tattoo artist. If someone can make some dope artwork on you, I mean I have to respect that. Sometimes however, you go to a tattoo artist who isn’t quite on that level. You tell them you want ‘reble’ on your back and they don’t bat an eye.

I keep actively rooting for these two to break up but it’s just never happened. I need Iggy fresh off of a breakup dropping the hottest ‘I hate men’ album of the year. And I need Nick Young back to chucking up 3’s with his eyes close like the good ol’ days.

I miss Swaggy P, the reble.



Sidenote: I wrote this on my iPhone and I reallyyy hope autocorrect doesn’t add reble to the keyboard.



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