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Iggy Azalea and Jimmy Butler Are Banging Now

What Happened?

Iggy Azalea had an interesting Sunday … spending some time with NBA superstar Jimmy Butler in Malibu.

Soooooooooo … was this a date???

The photographer certainly believes it was — saying the two left a restaurant in Malibu together after dining together.



A couple of weeks ago, it was rumored that Iggy Azalea and Houston Texans wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, were together after flirting on Instagram and going on one date. Following their night together, Hopkins made it quite clear that they are not together. Yikes.

Now, Minnesota Timberwolves (and future New York Knick) shooting guard, Jimmy Butler is next up in line for the rapper who really just dropped a 15-minute album after a two years absence from music.

Weird move from Jimmy Butler considering that Iggy was engaged to NBA player, Nick Young. Butler and Young probably don’t have much of a relationship as they’ve never played together but there are a lot of women on planet Earth.

Maybe don’t bang your coworker’s exes.

But we have already established this summer that Jimmy Butler’s horny levels are off the charts and that he does not give shits about NBA players’ wives when he commented on Gabrielle Union’s Instagram like a creepy anonymous follower.




Can’t wait until Butler and Kyrie Irving come to the New York Knicks next summer in free agency. The Knicks need this level of desperation, thirst and desire to help them win their first NBA Title in nearly 4 decades. The Knicks haven’t been good since Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith were passing around the henny at halftime and DMing IG models.

Jimmy Butler is simply training to be a Knick.



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