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If You’re Mike McCarthy, Would You Rather Coach The Cleveland Browns or the New York Jets?


The Green Bay Packers have fired head coach Mike McCarthy after missing the playoffs for back-to-back seasons for the first time in Aaron Rodgers’s career while currently having the same exact win-loss record as the Cleveland Browns.

The firing after a 20-17 loss to the Arizona Cardinals that put a spike through any of their postseason dreams. New rule: For the remainder of the season, if you lose to Josh Rosen, you don’t have a job anymore startinggggg…NOW.

Mike McCarthy kind of sucked the last few seasons but let’s not act like he’s a bum of a coach. He had a 125-77-2 record in Green Bay along with a Super Bowl ring. There are guys with worse records that are coaching teams right now. Staring directly at you, Marvin Lewis.

So it’s safe to say that he’ll land on his feet pretty quickly. With the Cleveland job wide open and the Jets job that should be wide open, Mike McCarthy automatically becomes the frontrunner for both jobs.

But if you’re Mike McCarthy, do you sign with Cleveland or New York?

Normally, the decision is simple.

You look at which team has the best quarterback and you run there. In this though, both Cleveland and New York have rookie quarterbacks with high ceilings that can be unlocked by an offensive coach like Mike McCarthy.

I think there is this belief that McCarthy isn’t as innovative as they new young cats like Sean McVay and Kyle Shannahan but it’s insane to write off McCarthy when you also see guys like Andy Reid and Sean Payton having late career resurrections this season.

I mean shit, even John Harbough is creating a brand new offense on the fly for Lamar Jackson.

I wouldn’t blame the Packers bad year exclusively on McCarthy considering that I cannot name a receiver on that team outside of Devonte Adams without looking it up while all of these other offensive ‘geniuses’ have an abundance of talent.

Here is another thing that cancels out these two organizations: both franchises are in constant turmoil and go through annual personnel changes so if you’re looking for stability, you should be the Green Bay Packers head coach.

Cleveland has an objectively better roster that can win now.

Nick Chubb can be the next big running back (if an offensive coordinator decides to finally put the ball in hands). Jabril Peppers and Denzel Ward form a tough secondary and Miles Garrett rushing off the edge is a nightmare for offensive lines.

They also have Baker Mayfield that seems deadset on transforming Cleveland into winners and with a locker room full of guys that are pretty much all the same age as him, he has become the leader quite quickly.

As far as the Jets go, I think Sam Darnold can win a Super Bowl if a solid team is built around him. I know I’ve talked a lot of shit about Sam Darnold and will continue to do so until the sun burns out but he’s the next big thing.

The Jets will also have a Top 3 draft pick this year and will have the most cap space heading into free agency. If you’re Mike McCarthy, you know you’re going there to win now and the front office understands that by hiring an established veteran, the tanking and the ‘process’ is done.

New York could walk away from the offseason with Nick Bosa, the best defensive prospect coming out of Ohio State and Le’Veon Bell. We could be witnessing the end of the Jets being the punchline of the AFC East.

I think the answer is prettyyyy obvious for Mike McCarthy. You retire.




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