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If You’re a New York Giants Fan, You Should Be Begging the Jacksonville Jaguars To Start Blake Bortles Forever

On Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars finally had enough with Blake Bortles after a pair of lost fumbles. The Jags were being shut out by the Houston Texans when head coach, Doug Marrone, pulled the trigger and unleashed their secret weapon: Cody Kessler.

The Jags would go on to loss 7-20 BUT Kessler tossed a TD pass so yea, he’s already better than Bortles (Cody Kessler has never won an NFL game. 0-9, babyyy).

Shout out to ESPN Stats & Info for using that photo of Bortles when they 1000% could’ve just posted those turnover stats without any picture attached. I love a football Sunday where the Internet chooses one player to make fun of together.

Which brings us to Blake Bortles’s relationship with New York Giants fans.

If you’ve watched every Giants game this year, it’s safe to say that Eli Manning is more than done. The Giants thought they could get at least one more year out of their franchise quarterback but nope, turns out Eli might actually be the worst QB in the league and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon because the Giants front office decided to not sign a backup for their 38-year old.

The Giants won 3 games last season but for whatever reason, they seem to be playing in big nationally televised games weekly. It’s all eyes on Eli’s failures. It’s honestly ruining my weeks.

This is why we need Blake Bortles out there fumbling all over himself and missing wide open receivers and just being the worst quarterback in the league because if the internet doesn’t have Bortles to make fun of then they’ll turn all of their attention to mocking Eli Manning and my little heart can’t take that.

Dear Jacksonville, please keep Bortles as your starter forever. Or at least until the Giants draft a QB next year. I need at least one quarterback out there that’s worse than Eli just so that I can sleep at night.




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