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If Your 3-Year Old Child Knows The National Anthem Then You’re a Bad Parent

“Aww this is soo cute” etc etc blah blah.

3-year old Drake Winslow killed the National Anthem and we should all be proud of him. Drake, you’re doing great sweetie. This isn’t about you. This is about you wack ass mom that taught you how to sing the Star-Spangled Banner.

This poor kid is going to grow up to be a mark, a narc and a lame because at 3 years old his mom stuffed the Anthem in his brain instead of like, crayons or play-doh. 

I hope you’re happy with what you’ve done here, Ms. Winslow. Even I want to beat your son up and take his lunch money. Just wait til he gets to kindergarten. Everyone is going put his little girl hands into water during nap time so that he pees in his sleep. You just made him a bed wetter, mom.

Great for this kid. Awful parenting. Someone call child protective services. I currently have them on hold but let’s all call so they know how serious this is.



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