If You Think Life For Karl-Anthony Towns is Miserable Now, It’s About To Get Way Way Worse

What Happened?

After his firing following an FBI probe at Louisville, Rick Pitino is planning to use the season to immerse himself in the NBA game and hopes to become a candidate for head-coaching openings in the spring.

“I just want to be a part of an organization,” Pitino told ESPN. “I want to develop young players. I want to be part of a team. I miss it terribly. I’m using this time to really study the NBA. If something opens up with a young basketball team, I’d have deep interest in it.

“I think the league is going to get younger and player development will become even more important to every organization. That’s my forte. I believe I can help an organization find a pathway to success.”



Rick Pitino might be one of the most corrupt basketball coaches in college basketball history just dropping secret bag after secret bag after very public bag before finally pretty much being kicked out of the sport.

Pitino’s life in college basketball is over.

But now he wants to return to the NBA in hopes of maybe improving his 102-146 record with the Boston Celtics. He received $70 milly and lost every night before quietly crawling back to college football to then use that $70 mill to drop Brinks trucks of cash to 17-year old recruits’ front doors.

How does any of this affect Karl-Anthony Towns?

Tom Thibodeau isn’t long for this world. There is absolute chaos in Minnesota right now where the players don’t even speak to each other and the head coach encourages one of his star players to routinely shit on the others.

Timberwolves owner, Glen Taylor, is a fool and an idiot. These are just well-known facts. But something tells me when he sees a report that the Rockets offered 4 first round draft picks for Jimmy Butler and Thibodeau turned it down, he’s going to literally fire Thidobeau. Just light him on fire in the parking lot.

Glen Taylor is also dumb enough to then hire Rick Pitino because it’s a big name that he recognizes.

Pitino says he wants to ‘develop’ players so he’s going to use that line in his job interview and everyone in Minnesota’s front office is going to be like ‘oh my god, he can help develop KAT!!!’ but instead, Pitino is just going to buy local Minneapolis hookers for Andrew Wiggins and Wiggins is going to get robbed by a pimp in a dirty motel room.

Thoughts and Prayers to Karl-Anthony Towns.






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