If You Had a Problem With The McGregor-Khabib All Out Brawl After UFC 229 Then You Are a Liar or a Loser

UFC 229 ended with an all-out skirmish between Conor McGregor’s camp and Khabib Nurmagomedov who made McGregor tap out and then immediately celebrated his victory by jumping out of the cage and clotheslining everyone in his line of vision.

If you think this was a ‘black eye’ for the UFC or that both men showed a lack of ‘class’ following their bout then what sport have you been watching?

You sat and viewed two people get into a ring and punch each other’s heads off for 5 hours all Saturday night. How are you SHOCKED that two men who want to hit each other before the fight might still want to hit each other afterward?

I love the sport where people are allowed to elbow their opponents in the fucking face while they’re defenseless on the ground. But you know what I can’t stand? When they continue fighting after the final bell. Where is the class?

Personally, I was rooting for Khabib Nurmagomedov and seeing him jump over that cage was hilarious. If anyone deserved to beat the shit out of his opponent and his opponent’s friends, it was Khabib. Conor McGregor is a race-baiting garbage can who has been consistently using racial slurs and stereotypes in the promotions for his last few fights.

McGregor called Khabib a terrorist and mocked his Muslim religion. Oh, and Conor attacked Khabib’s bus like a maniac earlier this year. There is no reason to feel bad for McGregor here and honestly, we should all root for Khabib in the inevitable rematch that this will draw because Dana White will pretend to be horrified by what happened after UFC 229 even though he knows he’s going to make a bajillion dollars from it.

Here’s what Dana White said in response to questions about Conor McGregor’s racist bullshit leading up to this fight:

“We’re never going to tell anybody what they can or can’t say. It’s the fight game. It’s how it works. People have been saying mean things to each other at the UFC for 18 years. Nothing like this has ever happened.”

Ah yes you’re right Dana. People have been saying ‘mean things’ to each other. Although, this is the first islamophobic banter that I’ve heard from the sport and I’d argue one time is too many times. Conor McGregor mocked Nate Diaz’s Hispanic heritage. He called Floyd Mayweather a monkey. and Khabib Nurmagomedov was having none of that shit this time around.

Thank you, Khabib.


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