If The Los Angeles Lakers Hire Jason Kidd Then LeBron James Is Never Winning Another Championship

Wow, Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka really are just Billy McFarland and Ja Rule explaining to Fyre investors ‘well…I wouldn’t call it fraud‘.

These two have no idea how to put an NBA roster together and now they’re doubling down on their inability to assess talent by throwing Jason Kidd’s name into the head coaching mix.

Jason Kidd’s career coaching record with Brooklyn and Milwaukee is 183-190 in five seasons. It’s also not a great look when the Bucks pretty much have the same talent they had when Kidd was the coach except Coach Mike Budenhozer is making them look like an automatic NBA Finals berth.

In 2014, it was reported that Kidd gave the Bucks players written exams on game days. That is the ultimate first year teacher type shit. LeBron James doesn’t even make eye contact with Luke Walton right now? You really think he’s answering fucking trivia questions before he plays the Thunder?

LeBron is turning 35 years old and he has three years left on his deal. We are quickly approaching the finish line for this man’s career so whoever the next coach is, needs to be his last.

Let’s face it, the Lakers are stuck with this roster. No one wants to trade for Brandon Ingram now that he’s suffering from blood clots that could cut his career short and Lonzo Ball’s legs disinigrating because his sneakers are made of paper machet.

So the next Lakers coach needs to be able to get the most out of these young players. Nothing about Jason Kidd’s track record should make anyone believe he’s capable of unlocking anyone’s potential. If anything, he held back Giannis and Khris Middleton for years.

Ironically, Kidd is most likely to take the head coaching job at Cal, his alma mater. Those poor kids don’t stand a chance.

The Lakers are going to need everything to align perfectly if they’re going to make the most of LeBron. They need to hope that no team brings a better offer to New Orleans for Anthony Davis. LeBron has to go full recruit mode like that one army guy in the mall that chases you down to get you to sign up for war or whatever.

That LeBron, Josh Hart and Alex Caruso Big 3 might have trouble making the postseason next year.


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