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If Sonny Gray is on the Opening Day Roster and Manny Machado Isn’t Then This is the Worst New York Yankees Offseason in Franchise History

What are we doing here?

There were two definite facts heading into this offseason: 1. Sonny Gray was being traded and 2. The Yankees were signing Bryce Harper or Manny Machado.

It is now 2019 and neither of those things have occurred. In fact, it appears as though that the Yankees won’t be seeing either outcome as they are pretending to be a small market team that can’t afford star players. When the hell did I start rooting for the Kansas City Royals?

And now that CC Sabathia had a surprise heart surgery, the team is keeping Sonny Gray around which makes no sense.

In what world is the choice for the 5th starter in the rotation between 38-year CC Sabathia and large toddler, Sonny Gray? Gray has a 15-16 win-loss record in his Yankees career. Last season he put up a 4.90 ERA and pitched as if he had just learned what the game of baseball was about 6 minutes before he took to the mound.

And what’s worse is that if not Sonny Gray than it’s going to be Luis Cessa, who I don’t think has ever won a start and Domingo German who is pretty much Michael Pineda with a lower ceiling.

Sign any free agent pitcher. Bring back Chance Adams who had one great start and was never seen again. Let CC Sabathia go out there in a wheelchair like George H. W. Bush. Just get Sonny Gray the fuuuuuuck out of here.

Sure, bringing Sonny Gray back doesn’t ruin the Yankees chances of making the playoffs again but it pretty much ensures that they’ll be playing in the Wild Card game again.

This is a 100-win team. Not getting Manny Machado won’t make this team plummet down to like, 75 wins all of a sudden. This roster is a potential dynasty waiting to happen but unless they make moves and spend money now to help fill holes, they are going to be the team that ‘could’ve been’.

Didi Gregorius is a clear leader in the clubhouse and one of the best bats in the heart of the lineup. He will be out for a majority of the season and his replacement is Troy Tulowitzki, who didn’t play a single game in 2018 because he’s washed and he’s old and his bones hurt.

What are we doing here?

Again, the Yankees aren’t going to suddenly turn into the worst team in the league but Sonny Gray pitching every 5 days is pretty much New York handing Boston the AL East again and waving the white flag WHEN ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GIVE MANNY MACHADO MONEY.

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