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If Ron Baker Doesn’t Make The Final New York Knicks Roster I’m Boycotting The NBA

I have not been shy about my love of the great Ron Baker.

He’s the most underrated player in the NBA and gets overlooked because he looks like he still thinks girls have cooties. Sure, he looks like a little kid wandered off on a Boy Scout camping trip and stumbled upon a monkey paw that granted him his wish to become a grown up but let’s not act like he doesn’t have an impact on the basketball court.

Hm. Interesting. Ron Baker was better than Derrick Rose was last season and Derrick Rose is currently the starting shooting guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves while Jimmy Butler says his finals goodbyes to Karl-Anthony Towns’s girlfriend and Ron Baker and scratching and clawing for a roster spot.

It doesn’t help the Allonzo Trier, the 6’5 undrafted rookie shooting guard out of Arizona scored 25 points in 26 minutes against the Brooklyn Nets in the Knicks Wednesday night preseason game.

Okay, we get it. You’re really good at basketball, Allonzo. Stop showing off.

In the perfect world, the Knicks would keep both of these guards and Emmanuel Mudiay can join Ice Cube’s Big 3 league. He and Corey Maggette would make a great 1-2 combo.

In the perfect world, the front office would stop being cowards and get rid of Joakim Noah who is just wasting a roster spot as he’s out in the rainforest with a blonde beard and his $72 million heist money.

Ron Baker has died for the Knicks. And I will die for Ron. If the New York Knicks cut Ron Baker I am boycotting the NBA. Blood in, blood out.



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