If NCAA Allowed Louisville To Pay Players and Bang Hookers Then Rick Pitino Would Be Undefeated

This comes after the United States Department of Justice announced fraud and corruption charges against 10 people involved in college basketball, four of whom are assistant coaches. ESPN’s Jeff Borzello reported the coaches are Auburn’s Chuck Person, Arizona’s Emanuel Richardson, USC’s Tony Bland and Oklahoma State’s Lamont Evans.

As for Louisville, Thomas Novelly of the Courier-Journal reported it was part of the FBI’s “investigation into a ‘pay for play’ scheme involving highly prized recruits.” Novelly noted university interim president Gregory Postel confirmed the investigation, which includes allegations an Adidas executive paid $100,000 to a highly regarded recruit’s family in an effort to get him to Louisville and eventually sign with the shoe company later on.

(Bleacher Report)

Louisville has already been forced to forfeit their 2013 National Title because the NCAA discovered that the team was throwing stripper parties for recruits and student athletes getting paid cold cash by boosters.

Rick Pitino straight up had prostitutes on payroll just on call for whenever a recruit rolls into town. You have to respect the game here. Can’t knock the hustle. Pitino is trying to win basketball games and in order to win basketball games, you need the best players and in order to get the best players, you need whores. That’s the recipe.

If the NCAA allowed Pitino to do whatever his black heart wanted, then Louisville would never lose a game. Recruits would be lining up for these stripper parties where you leave with a practice jersey, a scholarship, a check for $10,000 and a cold sore.





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