If Mike Trout Wins The MVP Award This Season Then Throw Away The MVP Award Forever

Player A: 45 home runs. 104 RBIs. .291/.438/.645. 179 wRC+

Player B: 48 home runs. 102 RBIs. .272/.353/.579 133 wRC+

Player C: 45 home runs. 110 RBIs. .257/.347/.553 130 wRC+

Player A is Mike Trout. Player B is Eugenio Suarez. Player C is Jorge Soler.

All three players having almost identical seasons.

All three players play for teams that are absolute trash.

Yet for some reason, Mike Trout is still being penciled in as the AL MVP in spite of the fact that the Angels are currently 16 games under .500 and have been irrelevant all season long.

Now, before I continue I should make it clear that I’m okay with players winning the MVP award while playing on shitty teams. Alex Rodriguez won in Texas when Texas was trash. That’s fine. Even Mike Trout has won in the past with the Angels being just as awful as they currently are.

But when there are other players having seasons just as strong as he is, it’s absurd to automatically hand the most ‘valuable’ player to a guy who’s success adds absolutely no value to his team’s win-loss record.

The Angels have 69 wins (nice).

I don’t want to hear that if Trout wasn’t there then the Angels would only have won 58 games. It’s still not enough games regardless. That’s like pro-gun people saying that owning a gun could prevent mass shootings because a ‘good guy’ with a gun would stop the shooter. By the time the ‘good guy’ realizes there’s a shooting happening and stops it, 12 people have already been killed. I don’t want to hear ‘well it would’ve been 13 if it weren’t for that hero’. Fuck off. People still died.

That was a bit of a tangent but you get the point. Mike Trout is the best player in baseball blah blah. We know.

But how can we call Mike Trout the MVP of the league when none of his at-bats matter? How can we compare his plate appearances when there is no pressure on him at any point?

Every time Alex Bregman steps up to the plate, there are playoff implications. All of Cody Bellinger’s at-bats are under a microscope. Every swing determines whether or not the Dodgers get back to the World Series.

Every time Mike Trout steps into the box, he’s playing in an empty stadium with no one giving a shit what happens. Cool. He’s really good at playing VR baseball.

Here’s some quick bias, as to be expected here, but DJ LeMahieu is batting .328 with 97 RBIs leading off for the second best team in baseball. He sets the most important table in sports.

No, I do not believe he deserves the 2019 MVP but he certainly deserves more votes than Trout considering LeMahieu is the best player on one of the best teams in baseball. That ought to matter.

*takes gigantic gulp of pride* *looks around nervously* *whispers* Justin Verlander is the 2019 AL MVP.

Verlander leads the AL in wins (19), ERA (2.50) and WHIP (0.79). He’s second in strikeouts (283) to only his Astros teammate Gerrit Cole. Oh, he’s also thrown the most innings and threw a fucking no-hitter this month.

How can you honestly say that Trout is the most VALUABLE player in the league when Verlander is the best player on the best team and he’s absolutely unstoppable. He legitimately affects the Astros wins and losses while Trout can’t even influence ticket sales.

If Mike Trout wins the MVP then throw the MVP award into a volcano.

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