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If Miguel Andujar Plays Another Game This Season Then The Entire Yankees Training Staff Must Be Thrown Into a Volcano

The New York Yankees 2019 injury plague can’t be considered a fluke anymore.

There are currently 13 players on the disabled list. Ignoring Jacoby Ellsbury, Greg Bird and Troy Tulowitzki because their bones are comprised of styrofoam, these players have been mismanaged and mistreated from day one.

Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge have strained muscles. Uh, are the trainers stretching these guys? Are they just jogging off the bus and immediately swinging as hard as they can at batting practice?

And now Miguel Andujar is being completely mishandled.

Andujar suffered a torn labrum, an injury that requires surgery to repair, and instead, the Yankees just put him on the 10-day DL and let him rehab the shoulder so they could rush him back.

Miguel Andujar is 24 years old. Why are you rushing this kid back? Last season’s doubles god is currently batting .128 with no extra-base hits. He’s 3-for-34 since returning from the DL way too early.

Why are they so insistent on throwing Andujar out here to destroy his shoulder even further and lose all of his confidence at the plate as opposed to shutting him down for the year and repairing his arm before it falls off.

It makes even less since when you factor in his replacement, Gio Urshela, who happens to be the greatest baseball player of all time slashing .341/.396/.505. 50% of his hits are RBIs.

He’s also a beast with the glove. The polar opposite of Andujar.

And most importantly, his fucking shoulder works.

Last season, Gary Sanchez hit .186 and was basically an automatic out every single time he stepped into the batter’s box. Then when the season ended he got surprise shoulder surgery.

Fast forward to this season and Sanchez already has 11 homers. That’s seven fewer than he hit last year. It’s May.

Suddenly Sanchez looks like a monster again because he let a doctor re-attach his limbs.

Meanwhile, Andujar is holding his arm in place like Woody in Toy Story 2 and the Yankees medical staff is like ‘I don’t know, ice it or some shit’.

Stop putting Miguel Andujar on the 10-day DL. He’s clearly struggling and can’t play baseball right now. Fix his arm. Do one thing right this season. And stretch the players out. Do medical stuff.

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