If LeBron James Doesn’t Waive His No-Trade Clause And Leaves Cleveland In The Offseason, He’s The Biggest Asshole on the Planet

“I owe it to my teammates to finish this season out no matter how it ends up,” James told reporters. “I would never waive my no-trade clause.”

(Bleacher Report)


Soo, there’s a zero percent chance that the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to win the championship this season. There’s also a zero percent chance that LeBron James stays in Cleveland when the season ends. The only logical decision from both parties is to trade LeBron to a title contender for future assets.

LeBron James is holding this franchise hostage. They all know he’s going to leave and in any other situation, if your star player wants to play somewhere else in the final year of their contract, they would be traded at the deadline so that the franchise doesn’t lose their star without getting draft picks and players in exchange.

But nope, not LeBron. He is currently attempting to be Steve Rogers by saying that he’s staying with his teammates and wants to finish the season in ‘The Land’. But the problem is, the second the Toronto Raptors bounce them from the 2nd round of the playoffs, he’s going to be at dinner with Magic Johnson negotiating his Lakers contract and blocking Kevin Love’s number.

If LeBron loves the Cavs as much as he claims, then he knows it would behoove the city if he was traded to the Houston Rockets at the trade deadline that way he can win the NBA title while simultaneously giving the Cavs options in a post-LeBron world.

This is asshole level cockblocking by LeBron to completely dismantle this team’s future by forcing the front office to trade away first round draft picks to trade for bums like Kyle Korver and destroying the cap space by demanding that Tristan Thompson get a max deal even though he’s averaging a grand total of 6 points a night.

LeBron James is the biggest asshole on planet Earth.




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