If LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers Are a Lock To Make The Playoffs, Which Playoff Team From Last Year Is Out?

As much as I want to get my jokes off about the weird team that Magic Johnson put together, it’s impossible to pretend like LeBron James, regardless of the talent around him, is ever going to miss the playoffs in his career.

Yes, we all know the Western Conference is far superior to the East but again, it’s LeBron. All he does is post awkward workout videos on Instagram and win 50 games a year. That is a guarantee.

The Lakers relying on Lance Stephenson and Javale McGee will for sure backfire but at the same time, Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram can play which is perfect considering they will absolutely be traded for a star thus reinforcing the truth that LeBron will make the playoffs once again.

But the Los Angeles Lakers finished 11th in the West last season so if we’re going to pencil them in for the postseason, that means we have to kick a playoff team out. Houston, Golden State, Portland, OKC, Utah, New Orleans, San Antonio and Minnesota all better watch their asses. LeBron and Michael Beasley are coming.

So which 2018 playoff team will be missing the playoffs next season?

Golden State is probably going to win the title again next year so it’s not even fun to think about them at all. They signed the best center in the NBA in the offseason. Cute. Torn achilles or not, it’s still Boogie Cousins who will without a doubt be a monster even if he plays on one leg.

Skip the Warriors.

Houston would’ve beat the aforementioned Warriors had they not missed 2,456 three-pointers in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals soo yea, replacing Trevor Ariza who was laying bricks all game, with Carmelo Anthony, who is known for making clutch 3’s, and something tells me the Rockets will be just fine.

Do the New Orleans Pelicans still have Anthony Davis? Yes? Okay so then yea, they’ll be in the playoffs. They will probably be playing on the road but they’ll be there. Anthony Davis might win the MVP award next year. They’re good.

Paul George returned to OKC because he had ‘unfinished business’. They are going to be inspired this year and defensively with Andre Roberson back and Jerami Grant playing instead of Carmelo, they are going to put the clamps on teams. They’ll be back in the playoffs.

Utah is going to the playoffs again exclusively to eliminate the Thunder again. I’ve never been surer of anything in my life. They might intentionally lose games at the end of the season just to guarantee that their seeding matches up with the Thunder for a first-round massacre again.

San Antonio made the playoffs last season with only 9 awful games out of their star, Kawhi Leonard. They are replacing that void in their lineup with all-star shooting guard, Demar DeRozan. Something tells me that adding about 24 points per game is going to keep the Spurs in the postseason.

Minnesota Timberwolves hate each other. I love it. Genuinely all pointing fingers guns at each other like that gif from The Office. Mexican standoff 24/7 over there. Buuut they are too talented to fail and soon the Knicks are going to waive Joakim Noah who is the final piece for Tom Thibodeau to reunite his great Chicago Bulls team but a decade later.

Welp, that looks like 7 teams. And the Lakers make 8.

SEEEE YAAAAAA Portland. Can’t wait for the summer of ’19 full of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum crying about ‘loyalty’ and ‘superteams’ or whatever lazy excuse they have for sucking again. IM TRYING JENNIFER.




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