If Lamar Miller Continues To Execute The ‘Break a 97-Yard Touchdown Run’ Play Then The Houston Texans Are Going To Easily Win The Super Bowl

There have been six 97-yard runs in NFL history and Lamar Miller has 33% of them. This is going to sound like the hottest take of the day but I mean, if Miller continues to run this play, the Texans are going to win more games.

Miller had 162 yards rushing on 12 carries in the Texans Monday night victory of the Tennesee Titans in a game where he was pretty much doing whatever he wanted with the ball in his hands. It’s a real tough play to counter. The Titans should really learn a lesson from that loss and throw the 97-yard run into their playback.

Houston started the season 0-3 and have 8 games in a row. If you are familiar with my work then you know not only did I predict the Texans to make the Super Bowl but I’ve been reminding people every single chance I get. Why do you think I’m writing about Lamar Miller? This is just a reminder that the Texans are going to the Big Game and I want this to be loud and clear.

Now, if they don’t make it, I am going to delete this article and you’ll never hear me talk about Houston ever again just like I’m pretending the Jaguars don’t exist.




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