If Kobe Bryant Could Redo One Thing in His Career He Would Fix Things With Shaq. Not the Rape Thing

Kobe Bryant is retiring at the end of this season which means he’s banging out interviews left and right and really dropping some insight into the mind of a sociopath. In an interview with TNT ringleader, Ernie Johnson, Kobe said he’d fix things with Shaq.

[su_quote cite=”SB Nation” url=”http://www.silverscreenandroll.com/2015/12/3/9848064/la-lakers-kobe-bryant-shaq-relationship”]“If I had a do-over, I think, I would take more of a leadership role in talking to Shaq. Earlier, before things went south.”[/su_quote]

That’s cute Kobe. If you could do one thing, you would be Shaquille O’Neal’s ‘leader’. That itself is ridiculous. Shaq was a grown man who was just having fun out there. Kobe was the serious dick ruining everyone’s fun. Go back in time and don’t be such a dick maybe.

I’m glad that if Kobe had the opportunity to go back in time, he’d still elect to rape that chick in Colorado. I mean, a good night in Colorado is a good night in Colorado. Why go back and change that? Life is all about the lovely memories we make with lovely people. For Kobe, that rape was a scrapbook moment.

Please retire right now Kobe.


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