If Jacoby Ellsbury Plays in the ALDS I’m Going to Scream

Jacoby Ellsbury got the starting nod in the Wildcard Play-in game and made the most of his opportunity by going 0-4 and leaving 5 runners on base including a bases-loaded situation. Yea uh, let’s keep Ellsbury on the bench forever.

The Yankees are going up against the hottest team in Major League Baseball and they really don’t need a dead hole in their batting order. If we all agree that Aaron Hicks is a better centerfielder then Ellsbury won’t be playing defense which means why waste the designated hitter spot for him? Because he’s fast. Well then let him pinch run in the 8th inning for the man who should be playing in the DH spot.

Matt Holliday. Holliday can completely alter the game with one swing of a bat. That home run swing is incredible and that’s a huge x-factor against a better team. He can without a doubt run into one against bitch ass Trevor Bauer.

Also Chase Headley is better. That’s simply a fact. Honestly, I’d rather have like, Tyler Austin out there swinging for the fences at pitches rolled into the dirt. Just keep Ellsbury off of the field please because he is a bum. I will scream, Joe Girardi. SCREAM.




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