Idris Elba is Starring in a Netflix Comedy About a Struggling DJ

The world needs Idris Elba. Whenever I’m watching a movie or TV show, I always think to myself ‘I wonder why Idris Elba isn’t in this’. As I’m writing this, Inception is playing on my television. Why isn’t Idris Elba in this movie?

Well now he is giving the world what it needs as he is co-creating a show for Netflix called ‘Turn Up Charlie‘ about a struggling DJ who is a nanny and I can already see the hilarity that will ensue in this program. The jokes write themselves. That was all mega sarcastic but at the same time, this show actually will be great, probably.

There will be 8 half-hour episodes that begin filming this May which is ideal for me. Dear @Marvel, please follow this motto of show making. Turn Up Charlie will be 4 hours of total content and that’s the perfect sweet spot. Jessica Jones being 13 hours long is unfair to me and my time.

I suppose there is a bit of irony here as Idris is a 45-year old man who DJ’s in real life so he is essentially mocking himself. Wow, the levels of Idris’s art.

The only problem I have with this cute little project is that Idris shouldn’t have time to make this show because he should be in a sharp suit sipping on scotch while filming the next James Bond movie but nope, Turn Up Charlie. This show no one asked for.

Okay, I’m getting negative. This show is going to be fun.  Shout out to Daniel Craig though. Can’t wait to watch another James Bond movie and think to myself ‘Damn, I wish Daniel Craig was in this’.





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