I’d Rather Have Eli Manning Than Carson Wentz

Soo a lot of people are ready to write in Carson Wentz for MVP this season as he is currently playing out of his mind in the last few weeks. Yes, Wentz is currently leading the NFL with 17 passing touchdowns and the Philadelphia Eagles have the best record in the league.

But I’d rather have Eli Manning than Carson Wentz.

On Monday Night Football against the Washington Redskins, Wentz not only blew the doors off the Redskins secondary but he also led the lead in rushing yards. He looked like Aaron Rodgers out there.

But he’s not Rodgers. He’s not battle tested. We’ve seen plenty of guys have tremendous regular season stats and then vanish in the playoffs. You know who rises like a phoenix from the ashes in the playoffs?

Elisha Manning.

Yes, Eli isn’t having the best season ever and the Giants are currently 1-6 heading into their bye week but if he had the creative playcalling of Philadelphia and wide receivers that weren’t MTA workers before they were signed by the Giants then I think he’d be flourishing out here like Wentz.

Carson Wentz has cute stats or whatever but if I’m starting a team today, I want two time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning running the squad, not that geek Carson who has never kissed a girl before.



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