Ichiro is the Greatest Hitter in Major League Baseball History

On Wednesday, Ichiro hit a 9th inning double against the San Diego Padres which was hit number 4,257 in his professional baseball career. Ichiro has passed Pete Rose’s hit record thus making him the new hit king of baseball.

Ichiro is the best hitter in Major League Baseball history and no one can tell me otherwise.

Yes, 1,278 of those 4,257 career hits occurred in Japan but why are we pretending like the Japenese league is so much less than the Majors? The pitchers don’t throw underhand. There isn’t a tee to swing off of. It’s professional baseball.

We’re just blowing off the fact that he had 1,278 hits in Japan like that’s no big deal. That’s a shitload of hits. From ages 18-27, my man hit 1,278 baseballs. That’s no minor feat. High school, AAA or Japan, that’s a lot of hits. Let’s not diminish his talents and achievements just because it didn’t occur on American soil.

Plus, when it comes to records I will always give the advantage to modern day players. I’m sure in his prime, Pete Rose could fair well against a 100mph fastball but he never had to. Pete Rose played in an era before bullpens were heavily utilized. Try to get a hit off of the weird 7th inning submarine pitching hurling sliders that you think are going to hit you from the way it’s released from the pitcher’s strange throwing motion but ends up dead in the middle of the plate.

Pete Rose battled pitchers who were high on coke. Ichiro battled pitchers who were high off HGH. Roger Clemens was snacking on HGH gummy bears between innings. I respect Rose, he’s now just the second greatest hitter in history and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s going to be laugh out loud funny when Ichiro gets inducted into the Hall of Fame before Pete Rose and Rose has a complete meltdown. Can’t wait.


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