ICE Is Performing Forced Hysterectomies To Detained Women And It’s Time To Burn America To The Ground

ICE is the most disgusting government agency that we allow to very openly commit inhumane atrocities like dragging immigrants out of their jobs in the middle of their shifts or separating migrant children from their parents and keeping them in unkempt living environments.

And now a whistleblower has come out to reveal that ICE doctors are performing hysterectomies on women without their consent which is just straight up Nazi Germany genocide shit.

Wooten said the doctor allegedly gave a hysterectomy to a young woman who was supposed to have a cyst removed from her left ovary. A detained immigrant told Project South that she had the surgery despite telling a nurse “that the procedure isn’t for me.” (She said the medical professional responded by yelling at her.) After receiving three different responses from the doctor, an ICE officer and a nurse about what was happening, she felt like “they were trying to mess with my body,” according to the complaint.

Another immigrant at ICDC, who claims she spoke to five detained women who had been given hysterectomies without a proper explanation, called the situation “an experimental concentration camp. It was like they’re experimenting with our bodies.”

There are doctors at ICE detention centers literally performing experiments on women’s bodies and collecting their wombs. This is happening in America. The same country that is spending all of their energy arguing about whether or not people should wear a fucking face mask to the grocery store.

This should be the only thing people are talking about and no, the answer to this problem is not to fucking ‘vote’. This dehumanization was popularized by the Bush Administration and reinforced by Obama who originally built the cages the border.

This isn’t a matter of Donald Trump suddenly making people racist. Decades of using the term ‘illegal alien’ and stripping these people of their humanity have led us to the point where we have doctors robbing immigrant women of their ability to reproduce which is the nastiest and cruelest crime you can commit.

This country has sent troops into Latin America to help drive coup’s and destabilize governments that didn’t want to give us their valuable resources for pennies on the dollar and then when the migrants fleeing these war-torn nations to find peace and opportunity in the United States they are detained at the border, separated from their families and now are having their internal organs ransacked by doctors with zero consequence or attention at all.

ICE is the most despicable ‘law enforcement’ in this country full of despicable law enforcement (including the potential vice president who is very much a cop).

California is on fire. The Midwest is being ravaged by Coronavirus. Instead of focusing our resources our energy into fixing these obvious problems, we are quietly committing old school genocide and giving ICE employees unquestioned God powers over immigrants simply because they speak a different language, have tanned skin and DARE come to our country instead of coming here the right way by filing the proper paperwork and promptly being denied because we don’t believe they are actual human beings, clearly.

Fuck ICE. Fuck telling me to vote. Burn this country to the fucking ground. And the Houston Rockets need to trade Russell Westbrook immediately.



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