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I Think I’ve Figured Out Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Don’t Like Kevin Love

Okay, yea. This all makes sense now. Kevin Love is an asshole. Of course the Cavs held a team meeting last week specifically to point the finger at Love for being the sole reason why the team is bad.

We all have that one co-worker that doesn’t understand social norms and how to deal with the people around them. The weird guy who ALWAYS microwaves fish for lunch and ruins the kitchen for the remainder of the day. The girl who pees all over the toilet seat. Every. Single. Time.

Kevin Love is the girl in the office who is ‘always cold’ so she comes in early and fucks with the thermostat and now every sitting at their computers sweating because homegirl refuses to wear a scarf.

This Kevin Love Jeff Green interaction is fully indicative of why everyone hates this guy and why he will 1000% be traded at the deadline for a chopped cheese sandwich and an iTunes gift card.

Get Kevin Love the fuuuuck out of here.




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