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I Know The Perfect Team For Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey is the best cornerback in the NFL, so naturally, he entered training camp this season in an armored Brinks truck and a hype man with a megaphone demanding to get paid. As one does.

Tom Coughlin, the head of the Jacksonville Jaguars front office and stereotypical elderly man from a generation that no longer matters, completely left Ramsey on read and there didn’t seem to be any contract negotiations at all.

Last week, Jalen Ramsey and head coach, Doug Marrone, got into a screaming match on the sidelines where both parties had to be separated from each other before a report came out that Ramsey demanded a trade but he will continue to play as opposed to holding out as he waits for a deal.

By all accounts, Jacksonville doesn’t want to trade Ramsey because again, he’s the best corner in the league. It does not behoove them to send him off to the competition.

Andddd now Jalen Ramsey is out here using up all his sick and vacation days. Genius move. One time I took a week of paid time off and then quit on the day I came back.

As much as I love Garnder Minshew, it’s safe to just write off Jacksonville this season. Houston and Indianapolis have the AFC South on lock. The Jags are irrelevant.

So where should Jacksonville trade Jalen Ramsey?

I…I think I know a team that could use a lockdown cornerback…

Janoris Jenkins was eaten alive by Mike Evans on Sunday. Evans racked up 146 yards with 3 touchdowns. In the FIRST HALF. He also gave up a 44-yard bomb to Evans that nearly lost the game for the Giants if it weren’t for a delay of game penalty and a missed field goal.

If you asked me two days ago if I thought the Giants should trade for Jalen Ramsey I would’ve laughed in your face. But after seeing Daniel Jones emerge as the MVP favorite, it’s time to build a Super Bowl winning team around him. Today.

Tom Coughlin won two Super Bowls with the Giants. He owes this franchise a Jalen Ramsey.


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