I Hate Typing ‘Washington Redskins’

There are a lot of faux-woke empty gestures being handed to black people right now as streaming services takedown episodes of TV shows that depict blackface and realtors are no longer using the term ‘master’ bedroom.

Black people are begging the police and the government to stop murdering them and those requests are being ignored in exchange for Chuck E. Cheese tokens that literally no one on planet Earth asked for.

But when it comes to the name of one particular NFL franchise, there is one change that needs to occur yesterday. The Washington Redskins are quite literally named after a racial slur against Native Americans and it’s insane that this is even a discussion that needs to be had.

Washington owner, Dan Snyderwho once said “We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER. you can use caps”—is now being pressured to update to the 21st and stop printing out merchandise that shits on an entire race of people.

FedEx paid over $200 million for the naming rights of Washington’s stadium and they are threatening to jump ship if the name isn’t changed. Three minority owners of the team and actively looking to sell their stake to remove themselves from this toxic brand.

Nike has removed all Washington apparel from their online stores. Which is progress for sure but also not at all a big sacrifice for Nike. Can’t imagine Washington gear was flying off the shelves. Damn, I can’t buy a [insert name of good player of this awful team] jersey now.

For once, Dan Snyder is staring at financial punishments for his odd racist pettiness and his refusal to change the name because he is a tall little boy who grew up loving the team and doesn’t want to change the team he was a fan of.

I’m not about to sit here and attempt to explain why this name is so disgusting to me. I shouldn’t have to. If this team was named the Washington Niggers and you attempted to defend their team name because of history of because like, 3 black fans in DC said it was cool then there is nothing I can say to make you less racist.

But I cannot write that name anymore knowing what this country did to Native Americans. Andrew Jackson made it his mission to murder every single Native American and for whatever reason, he’s considered one of the ‘best’ presidents.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump went to South Dakota to antagonize their local Native American population as he stood in front of Mount Rushmore on stolen land to praise Teddy Roosevelt—a man who once saidI don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of ten are, and I shouldn’t like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth.”

I’m tired of trying to convince straight white men what it feels like to be offended knowing damn well that have never in their life experienced that feeling because they have never been oppressed and their opinions on these matters should always be disregarded.

Change the team name so that I can stop typing it forever. I hate reading it. I hate saying. it. I hate hearing people casually say it as if they aren’t openly saying a racial slur like it’s no big deal and Native Americans should just get over it because it’s more important that a sports franchise that wins 4 games a year continue to be named after a group of people that were SLAUGHTERED and hunted.

It’s absolutely nuts how we’ve all been cool with an NFL team being named after the skin tones of a race of people that were the victims of genocide.

Fuck Dan Snyder.



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