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I Could Watch Frank Isola Getting Dragged on WFAN Radio All Day Long

I don’t typically love New York sports radio. Outside of Stephen A. Smith, it’s mostly just old Italian white guys shouting ‘I’M WALKIN HEA’.

It’s the least diverse form of media as everyone shares the same opinion about athletes making too much money and no one should flip their bats and no player will ever be as good as [insert old white guy from the depression era].

Frank Isola wrote for the New York Daily News for two decades and spent most of his career shitting on everything the New York Knicks did so needless to say, when the Knicks struck out on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, Frank criticized the Knicks. Shocking.

Before I join Joe Benigno in dunking on Isola, I understand why he’s like this because it’s currently happening to me. It’s getting to a point with the New York Giants where there is no move Dave Gettleman can make that will make me say something positive about his decisions.

If Dave Gettleman remains in the New York Giants front office as long as Steve Mills has survived in the Knicks front office then I can see myself being a Frank Isola-type.

Having said that, enough with the sky is falling nonsense. There are certainly times when you’re allowed to feel like burning Madison Square Garden to the ground.

When the Knicks give Tim Hardaway Jr $71 million, you can go on a Twitter rant about the team’s incompetence.

When they trade away a 7-footer who has new leg injuries year after year after year with an overbearing brother/agent and a rape charge, you can take a step back and think ‘okay, this is fine. We’re better off’.

Thank you, old Italian white guy, for dunking on another old Italian white guy. Fantastic New York sports radio segment.

Also, Dear New York Giants, please fire Dave Gettleman. I don’t want to turn into Isola.

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