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I Can’t Stop Watching These Videos of Richard Sherman Getting Absolutely SMOKED in Practice

Look, this isn’t personal. I’m a huge Richard Sherman fan. I loved when he devoured Michael Crabtree to save the Seattle Seahawks season in the 2013 NFC Championship and send them to the Super Bowl and then he yelled in Erin Andrews’s face.

Having said that, there is nothing I love more than watching an NFL cornerback get torched on a deep route. Really makes you think that you could possibly play corner in the league.

If Sherman is considered one of the best at his position and he’s letting Marquise Goodwin burn him like that then hey, maybe I should try out for the squad. I don’t even know who Marquise Goodwin is but he can’t be THAT fast. Richard Sherman is out here making this guy look like Wally West.

Now, it should be mentioned that Sherman is coming off a blown achilles and perhaps he is at the end of his career. Can’t imagine blowing an achilles is good for a cornerback’s ability to stay with a wide receiver sprinting down the sidelines.

Don’t be shocked when the San Francisco 49ers are trash this season.

Not sure why everyone is suddenly handing the NFC East to them. As I write this, Jimmy Garoppolo is having a threesome with Brandi Love and Darla Crane so I doubt he’s really digging through the new playbook and their star cornerback is watching wide receivers blow past him on a daily basis.





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