How To Prepare For Your Next Binge-Watching Session

Thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and all of the other streaming services, binge-watching has become incredibly common. Not only is this because there is so much great content to watch these days, but also because we need to get through all of the shows that are on our watchlists. Oh, and let’s not forget COVID which has probably given many of us cause to watch more TV than we would normally!


Before you plonk yourself down on your sofa for your next binge-watching session, here are some of the ways to prepare for your next day (or evening) indoors.


#1: Get your house in order

You are never going to fully relax if your house is in a mess. You will be distracted by the clutter and general untidiness while you’re trying to watch your shows and that will surely dampen your enjoyment levels. So, have a good tidy-up before you settle down in front of the TV to ensure your eyes are only focused on what you are watching. You might need to do this hours before you pick up the remote so schedule in the time. Alternatively, use these speedy cleaning tips to get everything done in a hurry and benefit from all of those amazing easy cleaning products advertised by Vince Offer Shamwow Guy. You will then have more time for your binge-watching!

#2: Plan your viewing


What are you going to watch? While there are a lot of great shows to consider, there is an awful lot of rubbish as well. So, read reviews online, ask for recommendations from your friends, and check out any trailers you can find. When you have a viewing plan in place, you will be less likely to waste time, as you shouldn’t get halfway through a series only to decide to then give up on it. Check out this binge-watching guide if you need some inspiration. 


#3: Prepare some healthy snacks


Here’s the thing about binge-watching: It’s not particularly healthy. Not only will you be sat down on your butt for a prolonged length of time, but you might also be tempted to eat snacks that are not particularly good for you. So, here’s what you need to do. Force yourself to hit the pause button every now and again and get out of your seat. Go for a walk, do a few stretches, and even somersault around the room if you have the skills of an Olympic gymnast! Then make sure you have a few healthy snacks to eat instead of any health-damaging alternatives. Here are some tasty but nutritious binge-watching snacks that are worth making time for. 


#4: Let your friends know what you’re watching


In the days before the world faced a world-shattering pandemic, many of us would binge-watch shows with our friends, often with everybody piled onto the same sofa. Times are a little different at the moment but you can still stay in touch with your besties. Let them know what you’re watching and encourage them to watch too. Then either chat about the show together on social media,  schedule a Zoom call, or host a Netflix party, and enjoy the show together. 


Happy binge-watching!

Written by Deadseriousness

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